Food and Drink - The Fenland Roaster

Hog Roast with apple sauce & stuffing£4.50
Pot Hot Pork Scratchings£2.00
Gourmet Beefburger£4.00
with Cheddar Cheese£4.50
1/2 Pound Burger£5.00
Double Sausage Hot Dog£3.00
8" Wild Boar Sausage Baguette£4.50
Bacon Bap£3.00
Bacon and Egg Bap£3.50
Veggie Burger£3.50
with Cheddar Cheese£4.00
Egg and Mushroom Bap£3.50
Egg, Mushroom and Cheese Bap£4.00
Baked Potato with Beans and Cheese£4.50
Baked Potato with Chilli£5.00
Chilli with Nachos and Cheese£4.50
Chicken Curry with Rice£5.00
Cheesy Chips£3.00
Curry Sauce£1.00