To take part:



saying which class you wish to enter

Entry preferably by email or by 1.00pm on Sunday 16 June at the Information Desk

Good Luck!

Botolph Bake-Off

Back for its Seventh Year

This year the Botolph Bake Off theme will be

“Traditional Village Fete”

So think of stalls run by stout matrons wearing hats and flowered dresses, trestle tables piled with homemade goodies, children running everywhere, the strains of the village band and lots of traditional games when designing your cake… and have fun too!

Anything goes - just have fun with your creative skills and good luck to everyone who enters.

There are 2 classes


  14-year olds and under

There is no entry fee and prizes will be given for the top 3 in each class.

Cakes will be judge in 3 categories


   Decorative Skills

   Imaginative Design on aVillage Fete theme

Please deliver your cake to the Information Desk by 1.45 pm.

Please place your name on the bottom of the cake plate.

No professional cooks or caterers may enter.

The judges will select 3 winners in each class.

In the event of a tie, judges will come together to decide rankings. Their decisions will be final.

Judging will begin at 2.00pm and winners announced at 3.15pm.