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Botolph Nature

Plastic bags on the pond

If you take a look at the pond you will notice black and green plastic bags with trailing fronds floating on the surface.  For once this is not rubbish randomly thrown into the water but bin liners that have been used to create Newt houses.  It is the time of year for newts to enter the water to lay their eggs and as we have not yet planted the pond with appropriate plants the Wildlife Trust have advised that this temporary set up is the best way forward.  With the help of Rachel from the Wildlife Trust, Helen, Sharon and Viv had a great time cutting up bin bags and throwing them in the pond. So the message is please do not remove them they are actually doing some good.

You might have noticed activity going on around the pond on the Green?

Advised by Rachel Price of the Wildlife Trust for Cambridgeshire, we have a project afoot to develop the pond and surrounding area into a local haven for birds, insects, plants and wildlife.

Together we will be planting the newly landscaped surround, including a wild flower meadow and pond plants to keep the water in the pond oxygenated.

13-15 June 2014

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